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No More Plastic Bags

Today March 1st is finally the day that there is a small win for the environment! NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS!!! It is illegal! Businesses will be fined. So take your own bag to the store preferably!
Sure some people will roll their eyes and be inconvenienced but that is what it takes to be a socially responsible citizen. For those pet owners, like me, use compostable bags. There is a solution to the problem and just because we have been given plastic bags for so long it doesn’t mean that was the best solution. So take your own bag. Plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to decompose.
It is true that uncooked meat/fish and other products that could contaminate items, weighed produce and prescription drugs will be exempt from the ban.
While the enforcement of plastic bags may be delayed, some businesses are already handing out paper bags today but again this is destroying trees so alternatively take your own bag. It doesn’t take much to stick it in your trunk or front seat so you won’t forget them. Again it is about being a socially responsible citizen.
Thinking about doing something greener, come check me out at Grounds For A Peel Composting!

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